Shayne is a designer, developer, and digital artist in downtown Seattle.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

Digital Advertising | Visual | Interactive | Motion | Animation

As a designer on Amazon's advertising team, I create customer-centric digital advertising for the world's top clients. Platforms include Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Kindle, Mobile and Desktop. I have worked with over 250 different clients, some are highlighted below based on category. Working at Amazon has allowed my design skills to flourish and grow rapidly, while reaching millions of customers and working with many respectable brands.

Apps & Games

My work with clients who develop apps and games for the Amazon Appstore dives deep into innovation and interaction. Animated Fire Tablet wake screens is a high demand ad product for clients in this category. By using Adobe After Effects, animated wake screens are subtle cinemagraphs that immerse customers in the ad when they turn on their device.

Beauty & Softlines



Consumer Packaged Goods