Shayne is a designer, developer, and digital artist in downtown Seattle.

Western Sustainability

Western Sustainability

Web Development | Print | Marketing | Advertising | Social Media Management

Western Washington University is known for their commitment and achievements in campus sustainability. During four years of student employment at the Office of Sustainability, I created and coded their website from scratch to act as the main online sustainability-hub for the university. I also developed two other websites for relating programs: Residents' Resource Awareness Program (ResRAP) and Sweater Days.

Originally hired as a webmaster, I initiated the project of making their new website that was completed my second year. By my third year, I took on more roles: media manager and in-house designer. I created various posters and printed materials that were posted and distributed to students on campus to promote various sustainability programs and events. I formed media plans for each event that also included making digital advertisements and managing multiple social media accounts.

Being the office's first and only dedicated designer, I had a goal of creating a cohesive visual representation of Western Sustainability. While completing my major, I was able to professionally practice my coding and design skills. As my senior year was closing, I interviewed multiple students to backfill my position. My role ended up requiring a split between two people for webmaster and designer.